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Alan Halloween Hay

Alan Hay is a poet living in Brighton. He started out writing what they used to call ‘text’ for experimental theatre companies, took a dangerous right turn into opera, got frightened, and ran back to his first friend, poetry. Desperate For Love is his new poetry home. In a nutshell, For: Denise Riley, Frank O’Hara, Sean Bonney, Geraldine Monk. Against: Homeopathy, Jenga, Heritage. Theatre: Isabelstrasse, Transit Of Venus, I Do Not Know How Bad I Am (with Day’s Eye Theatre), Vesalius (with Resurrectionists), King Stag
(with Opera Circus). A few rumoured chapbooks and provisional, badly stapled pamphlets over the years: Faxmalice, Cathedral Gas, Buff Manila Hex, Five Short Songs For The Sun, others possibly. A blog, Same Identical Sun, ran into the long grass years ago. Several collaborations with musicians, live and recorded: Kelsey Michael, Medicine And Duty, 3 Or 4 Composers, others. A new book of poems called The Turn Out will happen soon. Some will probably turn up here.


Written by alanhay68

November 17, 2008 at 1:51 pm

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  1. […] will take place at the Brighton Komedia on Tuesday January 20th 2009. Those reading will include: Alan Hay, Gary Goodman, Rowena Easton and Daniel Kane. (Born Bad) Steph will be on the decks and if the last […]

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